Here are just a few samples of the kind of workshops Godspell can offer – choose one of these or let us know what you’d like your group to focus on and we’ll create a workshop just for them!


This is the perfect introduction to Broadway, basic theatre, and creativity skills for students recently introduced to Broadway and theatre in general. Explore Broadway’s historical significance as well as the training process of a Broadway actor. Students start with physical and vocal warm-ups, followed by interactive exercises and theatre games.


Taught by a leading New York City Casting Director and/or Talent Agent, this session will give students the business skills for a successful career in theatre.  The group will learn about audition procedures, agent submissions, head shots and resumes. The coach will also help students set personal goals and will select a few lucky students to experience a “cold” reading in a positive environment. Past agents have included representatives from the Luedtke Agency, Cashmere Mafia, & Gossip Girl.


Getting a show to Broadway is a complicated process that takes many people. This workshop is an inside look at bringing a show to life - from conception to production. An inside look at the roster of talent in front and behind the curtain. Your group will be taken through the steps of how a Broadway show is put into production. Starting from scratch up until final casting and opening night, the group will learn the process of putting a show up on Broadway. Your group will take on certain roles in theatre and present a scene with all the theatrical aspects (actor, director, set designer, costumer, choreographer, etc). This is a hands-on workshop learning about the process of getting a show up on Broadway.  



This hour long talk back session gives your group the unique opportunity to talk one-on-one with one or two Broadway professionals about their journey to Broadway. You may request to include an actor, choreographer, lighting designer, producer, stage manager, costumer, prop master, or any of the other professional careers on Broadway. Your group will have the chance to ask questions, hear backstage stories, and learn some of the tricks of the trade.


Geared to all skill levels, these workshops demonstrate how one should approach scene work and character development. Broadway professionals address basic techniques such as characterization, objectives, and given circumstances, while allowing participants to learn by doing.


This interactive workshop pairs a Broadway performer with a professional accompanist and, together, they teach the group the mechanics and interpretation of a song.


If you’d like to learn everything about the business side of the Broadway theatre world, this workshop is for you.  Students will have the opportunity to meet with a Broadway Producer, a Company Manager of a Broadway or Off-Broadway Show, a Director of Marketing for a show as well as a member of the sales division of a Broadway Company.  Students will be able to ask questions of these individuals as well as learn more about each profession and what they contribute to the process of a Broadway Show.


These workshops are perfect for individuals who are seriously interested in pursuing their craft in theatre. Participants will get to learn directly from Broadway performers about auditioning for Broadway and the business behind show business. They can be tailored to your groups’ level of experiences – even for non-performers!